Harry Crosbie is best known as the developer who transformed Dublin and its music scene during the 1990s with the Point and Bord Gáis theatres, Vicar Street and the docklands. Here he discovers a voice that will leave an equal mark on cultural memory.

A year after the release of his successful first collection, Undernose Farm Revisited, venue-builder-turned-writer Harry Crosbie is back with a colourful new selection of short stories.

Tragic and hilarious in equal measure, these Dublin tales capture the idiosyncrasies of characters old and new.

As the likes of James Joyce and Clare Keegan have proven, Ireland has a powerful legacy of short-storytelling. Crosbie’s El Furtivo deserves its place in this heritage, as he toys with masculinity, modernity and what it means to be a Dubliner.

As always, he never fails to both shock and delight